Bird Deterrent and Control

Bird fouling (guano) is unsightly, unhygienic and potentially damaging to health. Pigeon fouling in particular can transmit over 40 diseases to humans due to micro-organisms found within their droppings. Examples are breathing diseases, allergies and salmonella. It can also, due to its high acidity cause masonry, in particular soft stone to erode. Droppings when dry can enter buildings as airborne dust through windows and ductwork.

Gulls are also becoming an increasing problem in our towns and cities. Not only do they cause mess due to their droppings, they are extremely noisy and more worryingly they can be very aggressive, particular when they are looking after their young.

We use the latest bird deterrent systems, including bird spikes, wire, netting and mesh to prevent birds from accessing buildings and structures for roosting. These systems do not cause any harm to the birds, just simply move them on. Once we have correctly identified the species, behaviour, frequency and habits of the bird that is causing the nuisance, we then select the most appropriate proofing technique.

Our systems are discreet and are often not normally visible from street level, lending themselves to a variety of applications and making them suitable for both contemporary and heritage buildings and structures.

We also provide fly screens for windows and doors that are particularly suitable for food preparation areas.