Concrete Repair and Protection

Whilst concrete is an excellent building material with many complex and variable uses, it can be prone to failure if not adequately constructed and maintained. Concrete can deteriorate and be problematic for a variety of reasons which are often the result of inadequate design and/or poor site practice as well as external environmental factors.

These faults can range from minor cracking and shrinkage, which can often be easily resolved, through to component failure which may involve a more complex and potentially major repair solution. We offer a wide variety of services which are suitable for any eventuality.

These include:

  • condition and diagnostic surveys
  • costed repair options
  • concrete repair
  • crack repair and injection
  • grouting
  • carbon fibre plate bonding
  • elastomeric coatings
  • anti-carbonation and impregnation coatings
  • cathodic protection
  • epoxy coatings
  • water stopping/leak injection
  • joint sealing and replacement